some lys love

last weekend i went to knitorama up on st clair and almost drooled when i saw misti pima cotton/silk on sale for $7 a hank. i bought three. i had no project in mind, really but i loved this colour combination. when i went home and approximated yardage, i realized i’d need more.

misti cotton

so i went to romni wools today on queen west to look for a similar dye lot. just my luck they were sold out of the natural but they ordered some and i decided to take a look around the basement (i can never pass up that basement 🙂 )

i don’t think i’ve ever found such great things in a bargain bin but i am unbelievably happy right now. first was this– a set of bright blue skeins merely labeled “luxury baby silk”. the bin clarified that it was an alpaca/silk blend and, even though the fine weight scares me to death, i couldn’t stop cuddling with it. i’ll probably end up holding it triple or quad stranded and making mittens or a hat.

next was SRK collection truffles. the deep forest green is gorgeous. its a little brighter than the photo shows. i almost wish there was a way to post swatches on the internet so i could give everyone

srk truffles

a sample of how fluffy and soft this yarn is. i don’t even believe there’s wool in it– it seems like pure cashmere. ravelry says it was discontinued, though, which is a huge bummer. i shouldve bought more (obviously a recuraustermann peruring dilemma).

i was thinking this would be a hat for the DH so i needed an accent colour. i think i spent about half an hour under the florescent light trying to find a good colourway but ended up with a nice heather gray alpaca/merino. its not as soft as the other two but since its just for details i dont think it’ll be a problem.

i brought all this up to the register and absolutely couldn’t believe that i was getting 7 skeins of cashmere, alpaca, silk, and merino yarns for $35 CAD. in my excitedness i even forgot to get another 20% off with my student discount. oh well. i’ll try to remember to use it on the misti cotton when it comes in.

just had to gush for a bit. thanks for listening 🙂


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