toronto cityscape jacket

ok i don’t have a lot of time for this post but i just wanted to put it up before the hubby and i left for new york (tomorrow)

i bought this jacket at old navy a few months ago… i can’t find it on their website anymore but it was really cheap and reeeally boring (creme coloured, empire waisted with oversized buttons, 3/4 sleeves). i thought of it as a blank canvas and designed this stencil… and i just got around to actually doing it.

detail (click to enlarge)


draped (aka hanging from the light fixture):


i think it turned out pretty well. there are a few places where the paint bled a little but overall better than i was expecting. i just heat set it last night and i’ll probably wear it to NY and wash it there (toronto pride 🙂 )

changes i might make when we get back: add a bright colour to the CN tower to represent that awesome light feature. or maybe something on the front, since that part still looks like a boring jacket.

in other news, michaels is having a 25-50% off sale on all yarn until the end of the week. so, thanks to google maps, i found one that’s actually on our route and not only will i finally get american pricing but it’ll be a discount off that! yay. i actually need something, too– the hubby wants that same cityscape design knitted on a hat. burgundy and heather gray. i’m thinking about double knitting it… will post as this develops.

off to ny. cracker barrel here we come! well… tomorrow… but there’s a menomena show tonight so it feels like one very long continuous day. yawnnnn


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