cross-border shopping=rad

just got back from ny on tuesday night, and just finished unpacking the yarn and groceries a few minutes ago :)… serves me right… i raided every michaels and walmart on the drive. both ways. plus an extra stop at walmart that was sort of out of the way. this isn’t alll of it but its most. and its all i could get before my camera died

simply soft red heart

here’s the kicker. all that cost under $40. plus some martha stewart ribbon, a crochet hook, set of dpns, and probably more stuff i don’t even remember. most of the car was taken up with groceries which, when carried into our apartment, took up the entirety of the floor space in both the kitchen and living room.

new york was fantastic, too. its devistating to see all your childhood memories get demolished to make way for high rises, but i guess it’s just what happens. everything is less expensive than i remember, which i guess is because i’ve gotten used to bloated canadian prices. but i got to visit my absolute favourite place, plump dumpling on 11th st and 2nd ave. the owner heckled me for not visiting for over six months, but i have to admit it’s nice when people remember you (i don’t have that in toronto yet… hmm). oh did i mention it was just as delicious as ever. maybe even more because i haven’t managed to get anything like it yet here. i also burned out my insides on best wingers (on 39th and 2nd i believe) which, as stated in the title, is the most deliciously unhealthy, spicy, saucy wings i’ve ever experienced. not tasted, experienced. it stays with you all day. but soooo good. mmm. while i’m on this note i should also mention brio erm… i don’t know the exact street… like madison and 62nd? gosh. something like that. well as always they had delicious pizza and salad. not much else to say. unfortunately our after-brio dessert place, emack and bolio’s (80th and 1st-ish?) has gone downhill. the owner is a great guy but it seems like he slacked off the hiring this past season. the guys working aren’t nice or even decent to their customers. we walked up to see it open but locked, and when the guy came over and unlocked the door the place reeked. he had obviously locked the door to use the bathroom. disgusting. we walked out without my favourite lowfat oreo, but i don’t think there’s any way i could have eaten it. we ended up at tasti d lite which, as always, was fine. like nothing in toronto but i don’t know if that’s necessarily a bad thing. we made sure to make two stops at cracker barrel in buffalo which was fantastically delicious. if they had one around here i think i would be about 30lbs heavier so thank god its only sometimes but BOY do they make a good biscuit. ok anyways, enough about food.

on to yarn stores? yep. seems like. i stopped in knitty city on 79th and bway for some dpns and of course they had them. but no decent sale to speak of and i’ve never been so impressed with their stock. BUT one of the girls recognized my hat from knitty so i guess that makes it a good experience. i also ran into knit new york on 14th and 2nd… used to be my favourite cafe when i lived nearby but oh has it changed. too too bad. they downsized the cafe, removed the needles from the main floor, and turned the sale room into like an extra room of yarn with a tiny cart of sale. i had to bug one of the girls for needles which is a big pain and she misunderstood me anyway… and then when i restated what i needed she lamented that they didn’t carry size 7 circs in 12″, just 16, so i walked out disappointed. michaels, although not in the city, remains my favourite place to buy yarn… it’s a little more expensive than walmart but last weekend they were having a pretty great sale. everyone there is always nice and they have every colour simply soft i could ever desire. yumm. i didn’t have a lot of shopping time unfortunately so there’s not much else to say. hrmph.

aaaanyways all that’s over so yay. even though i have about 30 hours of work to do (finals plus i’m a week behind) and i just got commissioned for a couple things. i guess there’s no rest for the designers.


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