new (preliminary) hat

new commission! my friend emailed me the other day asking if i could make him this hat

beard cap

how could i resist?? i have no idea how he found this but it’s not the kind of thing you can get a pattern for– i think it retails for around $150 and is only sold in very particular places so i had to do this all myself (hhmph). i decided to start by making a mock-up, because i knew i’d screw it up a few times and i hate frogging. hate hate hate. ugh. so here’s what i came up with. it’s all in one piece, top down. i still have to make the mustache but i dont think i need to mock it up. that i can frog. over and over. great.

i think i turned out ok for a first try. it was my first top down hat and i think that part will get better next time– the increases make the top look a little lumpy (not on the head, just when it’s flat)… the stockinette rolls the beard in but i knew that would happen. i’m thinking about doing the whole thing in seed stitch like the original hat. or maybe just the beard (brown) part in seed st to separate the two parts. oh by the way its mary maxim best value yarn and caron simply soft. size 8 needles.

 anyways that’s that.  feedback always appreciated if you have any ideas for me!


7 thoughts on “new (preliminary) hat

  1. LOVE IT! I still have to look thru the Ravelry pics to see the new version. I’m thinking that the black beard looks narrow – does it look thin when worn? It makes a nice chest covering as it is – thinking for the bit behind the zipper of the coat. But, laying down, it might be thin.

    Must test it… Must start this hat – NO! Finish gift knitting! Ahhhhhh, the torture….


  2. shannon, you’re absolutely right. the beard was way too thin. i made it much wider in the new version (up on ravelry… probably a day or two til i post it here)… finish your gift knitting! i’ll message you the pattern on rav within the next week i promise

    (ps how obsessed am i with that darned amazing website? i’m wearing the shirt right now and i have it open in another tab too haha)

  3. My son Michael sent this to me and I was wondering if the original above was crocheted rather than knitted. Do you recognize the stitch?


  4. I would love the pdf of the beard hat. My hubby snowmobiles and we sometimes have sub zero weather, so this would keep his face warm.


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