last sunday’s walk. not as long or adventurous as usual but it’s starting to get cold, yaknow. (click for detail)

so yeah. obviously we just walked around toronto north (as new yorkers we refer to it as uptown, i’m not sure if anyone else does). here goes… we started at the yonge eglinton centre so i could run in to mary maxim which was actually fantastically better than i was expecting. sort of like a local michaels– smaller, cozier, but with crafting materials as well as yarn which i can’t find anywhere else in the city. at this point, i just knew we needed to move up there at some point– lower rent, bigger apartments, and an amazing yarn store– i’m sold. so we circled a few blocks around the subway station in each direction to check out the more residential part of the neighbourhood. we stopped in mars restaurant on yonge which was decent. food was standard if not slightly better, but the service wasn’t amazing. probably worth stopping in again, although we passed another diner a few blocks further up yonge that looked much better. we went to the cupcake shoppe for dessert. i was really in the mood for a cupcake but this was pretty standard and not really worth the $3 they were charging (you could buy a box of mix for that)…

we basically were in house-hunting mode so i don’t have a lot of exploratory things to say. i think we ended up at 5 or so open houses and another 5 or 10 ViT numbers to bring home. when we passed lawrence we made sure to stop in this pet store we had noticed last time we were there. i guess it was called super pet because thats all that comes up when i google pet shops in the neighbourhood. anyways the purpose of that was eventually fulfilled– we got to hold a chinchilla :-D. we’ve been reading about them and plan to have some when we’re living in over 400 square feet but AGH if you’ve never pet one before i highly recommend stopping in this store and trying. basically the cutest animals that have ever existed. as soon as i got him in my arms i stuck my face in him– a total reflex– but the girl who worked there didn’t seem like that was a normal reaction. oh well. i would have bought him on the spot if mike hadn’t dragged me out of there.

and at that point it was pitch black, the streets were icy, and we were running out of neighbourhood (sorry ‘burbs, you don’t count– we stop when we hit grocery stores with parking lots). we walked to the next subway– york mills– and rode it home. the walk wasn’t more than a few miles but i feel a lot more comfortable (and excited!) about apartment shopping in the neighbourhood now.

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