i feel so productive!

i have projects galore to share with the world. or the world of people who read this blog… which is about 2 people. hello two people! please enjoy the following

it’s finals week (hence the ridiculous delirium) here’s what i’ll be/have been presenting to my confused classmates:

for form and structure: create a module of this specific shape (10cm x 10cm x 30cm arch type thing) that says something about myself as a person. i explained that i as a person am sick of wasting perfectly good materials and so instead of using cardboard or styrofoam i made a neck pillow. take that, wasteful art school

neck pillow

next up for colour and 2d— a personal choice project. do anything as long as its a challenge. my personal challenge? design and create a collection of jewellery made entirely out of disposable cigarette lighters.

lighter jewellery

clockwise from top left:

earrings made out of striker gears (anyone know what these are called?), headpins, earring backs

wire-wrapped pendant made of melted pieces

bracelet made of pieces from the main body, elastic thread

ring made from the back end

i have more pieces from that but i think they’re all trash. maybe i can get another pendant or two out of them tomorrow. and i’ll also take an action shot of the earrings because i really love them.

edit: last minute dali-esque melting rainbow pendant. i think this one might be my favourite piece

on to the (in)famous bearded hat!

side and top view

the hat is done. the mustaches are in the works. the pattern is up to the point i am. hopefully will be done tomorrow. i decided that instead of publishing the pattern i’m going to release it on an individual basis so if you want a (free) copy either leave a comment here or send me an email (giftable@gmail.com). i’ve gotten such a response about it, both online and in (gasp) real life… its almost surprising. but good. i love the hat and i’m glad people around me have such a great sense of humour. i’ll update as soon as its finalized.

last thing i promise

the DH needs a balaclava/helmet liner. i knit him this.

he doesn’t like it. doesn’t fit right i guess. so i’ll try again as soon as all this finals bs is over.

also the hubby and i took a long walk through high park/bloor west/downtown last weekend that i’ll post this weekend maybe


3 thoughts on “i feel so productive!

  1. What’s the filling for the neck pillow? A larger version of that would be great for going around the waist as a bf pillow. You could rival the Boppy! (you’ll know all about them in a future life, please god!)

  2. undermeoxter, it’s just polyfill… i happened to have a bag lying around. also some scraps of fabric. its really soft though :). cute idea about the boppy… maybe i’ll keep this for a couple years and make some edits when i’m not completely freaked out by the notion

    nicole, i know! agh. there was also a stool i had to make out of cardboard but i didn’t take a photo of it (it was sort of boring. assignment was that it had to hold 200lbs and not use glue). also i just added another piece of lighter jewellery that i made last minute before the critique

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