busy week! two and three weekend’s ago’s walks, finally. plus last weekend’s

jeez. silly finals. don’t they know i have more important things to do? like walk through the beaches (or is it beach :)? ) and the danforth…

it’s been awhile, but here’s a walk from the first of the month (click to enlarge)

we decided it would be a nice day to walk through the beach and also wanted to see if there was a way to the danforth that didnt involve scary highway intersections and huge bridges (ahem, bloor street). i also wanted to visit the purple purl which was very quaint. i didn’t buy anything (i made a promise to use up my stash before i bought anymore) but the book section, couches, notions, and just overall feel of the place were very nice. i’m sure when they get the cafe up and running it’ll be a great place to stop in and grab a hot chocolate in the winter. we also stopped in eye spy on a whim as we walked by. we bought an adorable little soap dispenser in the shape of a man complete with lips but no face. hehe. and some computer store, but who cares about that? 🙂

at the opposite end of the spectrum, we also stopped in the gerrard square mall where i sorted through the yarn at zellers. i had never been in one before, but had heard it was like a walmart but nicer. i guess i agree with that– except the inventory reminded me a little more of k-mart than walmart (a little on the cheap end). the yarn selection was nice for a budget place and we did buy some chocolates filled with liquor which was nice for the rest of the walk up.

we got dinner at wimpy’s on the danforth which was alright. very cute and friendly, and the food was standard. big portions, very heavy. my chicken sandwich was very fake tasting but the hubby’s burger was supposedly good. we also took a walk through the residential section of playter estates– adorable houses with their little front yards. hehe.

the following weekend, we went back to the danforth for a quick minute. got lunch at the detroit eatery, which wasn’t bad. looking back on it now i’m not sure why, but on the subway we decided to pass our stop and take it out to runnymede station. here’s the path: (click to enlarge)

so, uh… yeah… walked for awhile, decided to go through high park… somehow wandered in circles for awhile and then exited about 1/4 block east of where we walked in (we thought we were on the south end… oops). then i meant to walk down roncesvalles but somehow totally missed the intersection and just took bloor all the way back to downtown. we stopped at a coffee shop across from ossington station and then a place merely called “sushi” for dinner… so that was what we got and it was surprisingly not good. we stopped in at cob’s bread and of course they were out of sourdough and pane di casa– by far their two best. we got some other white bread that the girl said was crusty and it definitely was– except the actual bread part had no flavour until it started to go bad and get chewy.

we went home and changed and then headed to nathan phillips square which was a huge mistake. both of us and our friend had forgotten it was cavalcade of lights. so after waiting in line for about 2 hours in the snow, we got crappy rental skates which were unbearable after about 1/2 hour. in the return line we got to watch the fireworks:

cavalcade of lightscavalcade of lightscavalcade of lightscavalcade of lightscavalcade of lightscavalcade of lightscavalcade of lights

i stopped taking photos about 2 minutes in– you couldn’t even see city hall anymore. but it was very pretty and i wish i wasn’t reduced to standing barefooted in the snow taking photos of the fireworks with my cell phone.

and on to this weekend.

no wait. before i add this image. i need to rant a little about how google maps made this awesome directions/map feature and its completely incompatible with walkers! hey google- not everyone drives everywhere. big surprise considering gas is about $3/litre. its bad enough that nobody in real life believes you’ve never driven a car but do i really need google telling me “no you can’t go that direction on that street” or “you can’t go through that park”– obviously if i’m in a car i will not try to wander through high park. k? make an option for freeform maps! i don’t even need the directions! just those cool transparent lines that tell me where i’ve been and how long of a distance it was.

ANYWAYS here is a very rough outline of last weekend. google tells me i can’t go to the mall or walk through the U of T campus.

started at rosedale station. admired some mansions. went to the shops at scrivener square and got some free samples of cheesy bread. how overpriced? seriously. but delicious. and that is honestly the only meat shop i’ve ever been in that smelled delicious (spoken by a vegetarian). then hopped over to ave and dav. such a cute little neighbourhood. we didn’t stop in the avenue diner but i should probably mention that on a prior visit it was absolutely delicious.

the real purpose of this part of the walk was to check out whole foods at hazleton lanes. more specifically the pricing. back in ny i used to live above one and didn’t go in more than twice because i thought it was such an obnoxious price to make people pay for supposedly better-for-you foods (trader joe’s had longer lines but better prices). here in toronto though, where i want to cry everytime i look at the price on a carton of milk, their pricing seems… well… cheap!either they maintain US pricing or very close to it because tropicana oj was just above $4/2L… about 2/3 of the price of any other place in downtown. and this store was pristine– they even hand out vegan cookies and delicious breads that are enough for a meal right there in the store. i’m definitely converted now. for lunch we stayed in hazleton and tried hero certified burgers which was alright. good fries. very obnoxious guy yelling about sports at the next table. sort of like higher quality fast food.

from there we decided to walk through the snow… and there was plenty of it. everything in this city looks like a gingerbread version of itself. gingerbread streetcars, tour buses, even gingerbread that-funny-looking-building-out-our-window

mm i just want to eat it. erm anyway… u of t was absolutely gorgeous as usual… it sort of felt like walking through the north pole in their quad. for dinner we went to garden resturant on dundas which was very decent for the money. i’d been craving ny-style chinese food and although this wasn’t spot on, it was pretty darn close.

wow. long entry. i guess thats all i can write. more knitting updates later this week maybe– we’re moving on saturday so it might be awhile. (but can i get a woohoo that we’re leaving this awful concrete box from the 70’s??)


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