i’m going to go die

the famous bearded cap has once again proven unsuccessful. the pattern is done. the mock up is done. the final WAS done. i ran down the street in the snow in my pajamas so that i could get it to the commissioner by xmas. not only did the envelope arrive on the 26th of december, but it was EMPTY. so now what? he’s waited a month for this and he’s freezing… i’ve been working my ass off and i’m exhausted.

its an entirely helpless feeling when canada post screws you over like this– what did i give the post lady $10 for?? isn’t that supposed to ensure that a package gets to its recipient? and its not like i have an alternative to use in the future! there’s absolutely nothing i can do but make another and try to get this send out (in an entirely duct tape package, probably) before it gets warm out. i don’t know. every time i look at the hat on the needles it’s just a reminder of how much time i wasted.

blahhhhhhhhh ok no more procrastination. back to casting on, giving up, and frogging another dozen times.


3 thoughts on “i’m going to go die

  1. You wouldn’t happen to ever want to release the pattern for this would you? If you did, you would be a hero. But I understand you need to make a living too.. 😛

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