FO: toronto cityscape earflap beanie

happy new year ya’ll.

glad to say this was my first WIP of 2008, and it’s also my first FO. i’m pretty happy with it, although i don’t know how to really photograph a design that goes all the way around a hat on both sides.

… i really need to find a reasonably priced head mannequin. ha


the photos sort of wash the black into the variegated… in person it stands out a little more. anyway if you couldnt tell by now (i hope you can!) it’s the toronto skyline. its for my DH so his little ears don’t freeze while he works. the yarns are caron simply soft in black and red heart super saver in “earth and sky”, double knit. it was my first time working with variegated and i don’t think its really my thing. it looks alright i think– sort of like a sunset or something.

here’s a WIP shot that i think shows the definition a little better

when i cast on i really didn’t know what i was gonna do. i just did a top down cap in the red heart and then when i got to the brim i thought it needed something. so i frogged a few times and this is what i came up with. i think it’s cute– i just hope it’s not too feminine for a construction site.

he seems to like it, although i’m not sure if he’d tell me if he didn’t

**EDIT** glad to say i found a head mannequin at TBBS on bay and dundas. click on the image below to get a detail

the DH has been wearing it and whenever he hasn’t, i have 🙂 i might make another one for myself, its super comfortable and warm and i think i’d be much happier if i actually used contrasting yarns instead of stupid variegated


3 thoughts on “FO: toronto cityscape earflap beanie

  1. Sweet hat!!! Again I’d love the pattern. I’ve made and remade and unraveled an ear flap hat for my husband three times and finally gave up. He would love the surprise.

  2. FO: oh canada! hat « giftable designs

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