lots of stuff

it’s been a crazy week– i haven’t even had the time to announce that the second bearded hat has finally been finished. i added a page to this blog where i have a download link and i’ll be keeping track of errata.

beard cap

(click image to enlarge)

the changes i made were shortening the beard (ran out of yarn) and had to reshape it a few times. but pretty much the same, and all the errata so far have been recorded. it has the same three mustaches as noted in the pattern, although i made the walrus a bit larger to make it more cartoonish. i sent it out yesterday, so i’ll post action shots if the customer sends them.

when i finished the hat, i decided i need to stop taking commissions and make some new stuff for myself and my DH for awhile. i cast on a cowl/hood with the misti cotton silk from knitomatic.

it’s just knit 4 rows, turn, knit 4 rows, etc but it makes a cool horizontal rib pattern. its super soft but i don’t know how i’m going to incorporate the terra cotta i have. maybe that will have to be its own project. so far its one skein, but i just connected another. i’m not sure how long i’m gonna make it– i think it’d be cool if i widened it a bit at the end so it fit over my shoulders but i don’t think i have enough left for that

in other news, the DH and i have moved again– 14 times in 3 years and we finally found a place we like. not only that, but it was the first time we ever hired a moving company. since it was sort of a fast-paced thing, we only had about a week’s notice, and so we had to go with a company i was sort of unsure about. el cheapo surprisingly far surpassed any expectation i could have had about the day. they showed up on time and finished a job in 4 1/2 hours that would have taken us two days. it ended up costing about 60% of what i had estimated, which means a few nice dinners for the hubby and i. and they even gave us a student discount last minute, which i hadn’t even thought of. the guys were extraordinarily nice and moved faster up and down our 3 flights of stairs than anyone i had ever seen. i know there’s a lot of bad press for moving companies, but i just wanted to post this to let people know that good companies ARE out there– and el cheapo is one of them.


lookie i rainbow-ized our cereal collection


3 thoughts on “lots of stuff

  1. Congrats on doing the bearded hat – again! Hope the customer gets it (on the double!) and enjoys it twice as much. That cowl looks like it’s going to be gorgeous. I’d heard of alphabetizing but rainbow-izing is new on me, though I always do it to my colouring pencils & kids’ markers.

  2. Hey I wanted to let you know that I linked to this post today. And also, while I never knitted the bearded hat (at least not yet) I did sew a fleece version of it for my husband. It is not very well made, but lots of fun. Have a look if you have time, and thanks again for sharing your pattern.

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