i’m sick of busy weeks! cowl progress and felt gargoyle

the hood/cowl is almost done. but when i was working last night i decided it still needs SOMETHING. it’s supposed to be a neutral piece but it’s just too neutral. so i started working on a cabled border for it, which i am actually loving. i’ve never done intricate cables before– just baby cables and knitty’s coronet. this was sort of trial and error, although i’m sure its in every stitch dictionary out there (it’s just a basic weave)

i cast on provisionally so i can graft it into a loop, although if it’s anything like my coronet it’ll have a seam anyway. but i’m getting to that really excited stage before a FO where it looks like it might really work out and be my fave piece to date. of course, next comes frantic frustration and a rush to just get it done already. who’s ready for it?? i know i’m not…

this next little guy was due two weeks ago. i’m finally getting around to finishing it. the night before it was due i finished the second bearded cap, so that was a lost cause. then the night before the next class the following week my last felting needle snapped. so now not only can i not find the tip (it’s somewhere in my couch!) but i had to get another extension and buy more needles. he is a gargoyle made from scratch, from the washing of the raw fleece to the dyeing (actually watercolour, shh) to the design and the hand felting. i’ll post some progress shots for those interested.

original pieces, unattached

original pieces, pinned

wings, in progress

with wings attached

dyed and just about finished. front feet are still drying so they’re pinned

and the necessary “ain’t i cute??” shot

he’s my first ever needle felting project and i’m really happy with him. it was probably about 10 hours of labour, maybe a little more. his eyes are just sewing pins coloured black with a sharpie 🙂 he has little details like nails on his back claws and a little tail. he still needs a name! his name is langdon.


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