FO: sideways rib cowl

let me preface this with: i am so angry with my camera. it’s so perfect and i’m so emotionally attached to it but i HAVE to throw it out. it doesn’t even take photos anymore. it just turns on, makes a clicky noise, then freezes and shuts off. it’s not the batteries because i just replaced those yesterday. its been doing this for about a year. but now i can’t even get FO shots– i’ve been using my cell phone (which, by the way, takes pretty awful photos)

yeah, alright, i guess six years is a long life for a camera and he deserves a proper burial over a slow, painful death. but now i have to go shop for a new one… blah! probably a pink sony, to match my loveable laptop.

on to the FO. my sideways rib cowl. the DH doesn’t like it, which means i don’t love it— but i do think it’s OK. the ribbing works really well with the structure of the misti alpaca silk, and i really like the definition of the cables. as a hood, DH says it looks too muslim headscarf-ish. but then again he said that last year when i wanted to knit a hat with a scarf attached and now they’re all over the runways. i guess i’ll wait to hear some responses (here and IRL). i was also considering doing some slight beading– but that could push it over the edge ethnically. so let me know… here are the photos (click to enlarge)

i also cast on a new toronto hat for the DH. in caron simply soft. no need for a WIP shot i haven’t made much progress

ETA: i wrote up a quick pattern for the cowl… here


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