this is completely non-knitting related

but, in fact, awesome related.

quote from harry nilsson‘s website: “Davy Jones and Harry Nilsson sang backing vocals for a song used in four Japanese TV commercials for Simple Life leisure suits starring Ringo Starr. The commercials show Ringo encountering unusual creatures while wearing his Simple Life suit and lip-synching to a jingle (“I Love My Suit”).”

at this point, i knew it was something i had to see. unfortunately, a google search yielded only audio results– but i felt the need to share possibly the best commercial jingle i’ve ever heard in my life.

if anyone can find the video portion of this commercial they would be extremely awesome (that is, if they sent it to me 🙂 )

and another nilsson-related piece of fantasticness. a photo from showing the theatric real-life version of oblio’s dog arrow at the ’70’s play of the point at the mermaid theatre in london

arrow and claridge

don’t you just want to squeeze him?! gaaarbl!!

i also found a blog that has enough info on and music by nilsson to keep me satisfied for quite awhile-for the love of harry

that is all for now. next project OTN is the toronto hat v 2.0 for the DH. i’m also going to be writing up a pattern and i think its gonna be my first for-sale pattern ever! the sideways rib cowl has been a lot more successful than i would have imagined so things are really looking up for this silly hobby 🙂


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