FO: oh canada! hat

yay! i love it. and DH does too– which is a ton more important. this is the second version of my toronto cityscape double knit beanie and it turned out only about a billion and a half times better (no variegated this time!)… it’s caron simply soft (autumn red) and red heart soft touch (gray). i altered the chart to add in some waterfront construction and made bigger “male-r” earflaps. i also switched from i-cord ties to crochet, because DH thinks i-cords are too bulky. now i think i have to knit ANOTHER one for myself… hehe… (do i even have to write that the images are clickable??)


i’d love to hear some opinions.


in other news you could not imagine the sludge and freezing rain that the DH and i walked through today to pick up this $5 toaster oven– expect some melted goodies later this week.


happy family day ya’ll! (or president’s day for those in the states)– enjoy your respective fake holidays


ETA: holy crap– i only have one WIP! i’m speechless… well, not really. but maybe now i’ll actually finish the sleeves of the min cardi and make it NO WIPs! (psh, yeah right.)


2 thoughts on “FO: oh canada! hat

  1. Holy crap this hat is AWESOME! I may have to monkey see monkey do you…hmmm…what have I got in the stash?? Such a beautiful and creative idea!!

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