week off? turns out i’m not that productive

ten days? ten free days? why, that’s all the time in the world! i can do a ton in ten free days!

no. not really. damn my time optimism. but i did get a few things done, and here they are:

the third double knit earflap hat is nearly done. i’m tweaking the pattern, so as soon as i cast off the flaps (tuesday? wednesday?) i’ll finish the pattern and send it off to the test knitters. OH the test knitters! turns out ravelry has another level of awesomeness and it’s called the testing pool. i spent two weeks finding one person to test my bearded hat, and in one hour i had nine volunteers for this baby! rav, what would i do without you?? (and thanks to the future testers as well, of course). i’m finding the pattern easy to follow, but of course i would. i asked for people who were intermediate knitters but who had little to no experience double knitting, so i can test how effective this pattern truly is.

victorian-style melted army men neckpiece. boy was this a pain in the ass. i had the actual piece done early last week, but finding a way to attach it to the neck was like a whole other project. i ended up just using a combination of superglue, two part epoxy, and hot glue on to elastic. the clasp is a bra extender. unfortunately my dear head mannequin does not have a neck or bust so i can’t get a great shot of it. overall i’m not overly excited about it but i’ll pass the project

so, that’s pretty much it. i had soo much stuff to do and its all still on the list. my apartment is full of boxes, i haven’t drafted a pattern for this project, i haven’t made a prototype for another, and i haven’t begun the stage design for yet another. now i have a paper to write and a museum to visit. thank god i have off from wed to next mon so HOPEFULLY this week will prove slightly more productive than last.


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