wip: pocoyo!

most of the time, i know my strengths and weaknesses. but every once in awhile, i surprise myself by doing something i never thought i’d be able to, or royally screwing up something i never could have predicted.

last night i had an urge to cast on a new hat. a pocoyo hat.

but i didn’t have anything in that shade of blue, and the nearest thing i had was some free cheapo acrylic i got in the yarn stash at my university. i don’t know if it was the cold i’m developing or a vague memory of digging through the wools and scratchy mystery yarns to find it, but i got a sort of formicating itchy feeling while i was knitting the crown. i didn’t even want to touch the skein, and i was compulsively washing my hands after putting it down. so this morning i caved and decided to try washing it. i skeined it– something i never do but never expected to have a problem with– and popped it in the washing machine. i know, i’m supposed to hand wash, but come on its acrylic it can go in the machine. when i took it out, i had created a massive knot. see how you can tell it was a skein?? almost, sorta.

given, i no longer feel itchy around it, and (after about 3 hours of untangling) i did manage to get it back into a ball, so i suppose this didn’t end as badly as it could have.

it should be done today or tomorrow. i got a good amount of work done yesterday despite the fact that i’m sick (or maybe because of– i didn’t want to go outside and spread my germs). i have to draft a pattern and start sewing this costume thing but i reallllllly dont feel like it so maybe i’ll let my mind play the sick card and just sit here and knit.

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