it’s a miracle

seven days ago i posted quite possibly the first good interaction anybody has ever had with government offices.

today i will post another.

last wednesday i applied to renew my passport. i was told it would take 2-3 weeks for processing, and 7-10 days for shipping. i heard this as “about two months”– factoring in necessary gov-bs’ing-time. last night, completely forgetting that i was essentially stranded in canada until i received the new passport, i planned a weekend road trip to the states for next weekend. i realized this morning and began to panic, until i tracked the package online and found that it was in my mailbox!

seven days. shorter than i have ever received a letter via canada post. and somehow it wasn’t broken into, torn in half, or lost somewhere in oregon. it’s a miracle.

i also have a WIP update (miracle #2)– the two tone ribbed shrug is lookin pretty good so far. i’m just about at the sleeves. i’m thinking about using the cable design from the new knitty’s juju just to keep my sanity (soo much stockinette!)

and a nilsson update– the stage design i did for “the point!” for drawing class. the top part rotates and the bottom, including the “bedroom” stage and stairs are stationery. it’s cardboard, masking tape, hot glue, and acrylic dollar store paint.

the land of point:

the field:

the pointless forest:

i think it turned out cute. it occurred to me after the presentation that i should have loaded “me and my arrow” on to my phone and placed it inside the stage, but oh well.

so i guess… no complaints/rants/annoyances right now. well… there’s always taxes, but who cares about those, right?

by the way, i do have a lys itinerary for this trip next weekend. right now, it’s gonna be The Knitting Knook in Keene, NH, Ewe’ll Love It in Nashua, NY, and The Yarn Basket in Portsmouth, NH. hopefully i’ll manage to get to all of them– it’s gonna be close with closing times and stuff. but i’ll post reviews of the ones i do get to. and if anyone knows any good lys’s on i-90 between NH and buffalo that are open sundays, i’d love to know (i’m dying to check out Knit Witts in Brookfield but alas, tues-saturday only. hrmph). according to knitmap, i’m SOL (since i don’t think we’ll be in Buff til late)

gotta get back to ANTM. more later this week prolly. i’m writing two term papers on craft (what bs!) so not much actual crafting is getting done.


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