i feel normal again

“normal,” of course, being a figure of speech.

i’m back up to multiple WIPs. 4, to be exact– the min cardi, two tone ribbed shrug, a new dk earflap hat, and a toque for class. this, of course, excludes the “ugh! i’m never finishing these but i’ll leave them on the needles just in case” WIPs (including a sweater from an early issue of knit.1– how can a garment knit on size 30 needles be flattering?! i just figure i don’t really need those needles for anything else– but i guess i could use part of the FIVE strands i had to hold to get gauge…)

i decided the other day that, in my longing to visit home, i should probably make a memorial hat. the first challenge was picking the colors. what f’in colors are new york? keep in mind that blue and orange are quite possibly the ugliest, overused colors– i wanted something that was really new york, not just the merchandise of new york. so what i came up with? black and gray. ha. just like the people on the streets. i needed a hat that matches with everything, anyway.

i just finished the crown of the hat last night and today in class i’ll start working on the chart (which was, by the way, a huge challenge as well– the actual skyline of manhattan isn’t easily converted into a recognizable chart– i had to pick and choose buildings to leave in and exaggerate negative space between them just to get my DH to stop asking “what the heck is that?”

eek **checks clock again** this was not a good time to start a post… i have a finished school project or two… i guess i’ll put those up when i get home from presenting them. they’re not that exciting anyway.


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