wip: swallowtail

when everyone said this would be a quick knit, i thought they were insane. it’s my first time doing real lace knitting (i don’t really think wisp counts) and within four days i’ve almost finished it! i haven’t been knitting nonstop, either– it’s almost the end of the semester so i’d say i’ve only put about 8-10 hrs into it so far.

when i started i was just using my boye needlemaster’s which, although very handy when you don’t have that size circ in another brand, are pretty much useless. the threads have been so overused that little sharp metal bits stick out and catch the yarn, and then they unravel about twice a row which doesn’t help.

i was on my way to romni yesterday to buy some addi lace needles and passed a store i’ve walked by a million times and never went in– americo. i never thought it was a real yarn store — from the exterior it looks like wool clothing, blankets, and fabric… but inside it’s a naturalist’s haven. the two people working there were the only negative, they were sort of weird and unwelcoming (just sat where they were and watched me walk around the store). some of the yarns were really beautiful but i resisted, picked up my needles, and went to romni anyway, just to check out the sale 😉

anyways i just got up to the nupps and holy god ya’ll weren’t kidding about those either– they suck! thank god i bought these needles– i would have given up entirely on the boyes.

here it is so far. an awful photo, sorry… it’s going to stretch a lot after blocking.

it probably won’t be done today or tomorrow– i have a ton of stuff due– but by this weekend almost definitely.


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