wip: baby’s first endpapers

so, i’m sitting in my apartment, finally having gotten together all needed supplies for my next wip, eunny jang‘s endpaper mitts, and i do a lovely gauge swatch. i knew i was going to have a problem here, having shopped in the children’s mittens pile of the dollar store for every winter of my life, but even after shifting down to a size 1 needle (size small in the pattern is a 2, and it goes up from there) i still had to alter the chart slightly. and buy my first pair of size 0’s for the ribbing (eek! they bend in your hands!)

for reference, those are size 1 dpns and i even added in a lil paperclip.

they do fit, though…

hrmph. the #1 joy of knitting: making alterations to fit your freakish body abnormalities.

anyways, i’m loving the pattern so far (alterations and all) and i can’t wait until i have some time off next week (study week? psh. studying charts maybe…) to get some work done on these babies.

by the way, if you were wondering what those “weirdo art school students” do for finals, i suppose i should be the one to inform you:

corn car

corn car costume. two different types of toasted corn, popping corn dyed three different colours, and lots and lots of glue. some type of statement about how we’re feeding our cars and how absurd it is.

don't cry paper cutout

“don’t cry” paper cutout. i dunno. i just woke up and was like “i should do this right now”… and i did.

“talk shit” interactive installation. click to go to that project’s website… if you so desire. and yes, we did get censored. unbelievable.

and last but not least… for my “free” project (ie do whatever you want but don’t spend any money) i knit those four dk earflap hats and wrote up the pattern, using acrylic yarn from the fibre studio at school and my grandmother’s old needles. without any sort of paid advertising or promotion, i managed to make back all the money i spent this semester on supplies. it was sort of an idea of making something out of nothing and it worked! thanks to everyone who bought a pattern, and everyone who will in the future. i can’t wait to present this one. (for further clarity: the hat came first, then this idea. this isn’t some ploy to fundraise, it was actually just a way for me to get class credit for the fact that i knit nonstop)

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