fo: freedom hat

this little guy took about four days total, but it could’ve been done in two if i’d actually sat down and just done it. in fact, i think more time went into charting the patterns than actually knitting.

(click to enlarge)

amagi double knit hat

amagi double knit hat

Pattern: double knit earflap hat
Yarn: caron simply soft in dark country blue and blue sky organic cotton in natural (colour #81)
Needles: US Size 7 and 5
Started: April 10, 2008
Finished: April 14, 2008

it’s got a few alterations from the pattern, but mostly the same. the one major change is that i grafted the seams to make them look continuous. if you’re going to do this, make sure you try it on because grafting is NOT stretchy and if you make it too small it will suck. it looks really good though– i wish there was something similar i could do on the earflap seams because now those REALLY bother me.

other than that, all that’s different is the pattern. the amagi pattern is described in my post below, along with the chart. the porcupine is adapted from the free state project logo below. this one is done in regular double knit (reversible) so that he’s always facing foward.

porc free state project

this logo also influenced the colour choice, although the blue i used is a little darker than this. i tried to get all the libertarian propaganda i could into one garment, while still making a very subtle front. i wish i had done all this on a smaller gauge, though, because both designs look quite pixelated. next time i’ll try adapting one of these on size 3 or 4’s and i’ll write up another version of the pattern.

i suppose that’s all for now. i’d love to know what ya’ll think!

by the way, i never did think of a better name. if you do, PLEASE let me know.


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