neverending WIPs

ok so it’s been a little while since i’ve posted a FO. thankfully, yesterday was my last final! i still don’t have much to show, but i thought i should at least post progress photos

the two-tone ribbed shrug. oh my god this ribbing is SO boring. and it doesn’t help that my stupid boye needlemasters won’t stay together.this has become my before-bed project because i fall asleep after about a row (although i love the way it looks!)

kirby hat. this one is inspired by Mysterious on craftster, except i wanted to make one that was inhaling your head rather than holding it. it started off alright–just a basic earflap hat, a little longer in the back

then i started the embroidery, feet first

looks alright, right? sure. except…

it’s backwards! so now i have to tear out the hat up to the bottom of the feet…

now do you see why i haven’t finished anything lately? everything will be done in due time. or at least that’s what i keep telling myself. the min cardi hasn’t seen much progress– one sleeve is almost done but now i can’t find it so that doesn’t help anything. tomorrow is the knitter’s frolic. as if i didn’t have enough yarn. i’m ridiculously excited, though– hopefully DH and i can get there before all the good stuff’s sold out.


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