spring cleaning

is it even still spring? i can’t keep up with the weather here in toronto.

i was really hoping to post the “spring cleaning” song from rocko’s modern life here, but it seems viacom took it off youtube and i can’t embed myspace videos, so… here’s the best substitute i could find.

anyways, after i wrote that last post this morning i looked around my apartment and realized the amount of school crap that i still have laying around. my WIP bin is in disregard, and i even had a few… erm, misplaced WIPs that i could only hope were not going to turn up under the couch alog with a gaping hole in the leather. it was time for some spring cleaning (*queue rocko’s modern life here*)

the WIP bin, obviously, was of utmost importance so it got done first.

let me tell you, untangling hundreds of yards of sock yarn is something i would definitely like to avoid in the future. so now all WIPs are beautifully seperated in grocery bags. not pretty but hopefully effective.

next, the couch and floor. guess what? i found the min cardi sleeve! lookie!

you might think, how much stuff could possibly been covering that? it’s pretty obvious, right? i must not have looked for it.

this is what was on top of it.

i am ashamed to share this with the entire web, but i am glad to have this out of my couch and in the recycling bin.

i also frogged the endpaper mitts. i wasn’t sure if i had enough of the off white yarn and wanted to remeasure. good thing– i don’t. these are gonna have to be a lot shorter than i planned. plus, the ribbing was REALLY messy and i just came across a new provisional tail method cast on on TECHknitting (my new obsession, by the way) which would be a perfect solution. plus, frogging gave me yet another opportunity to appreciate the pretty yarns 🙂

the cast on was sort of hard to deal with on size 0 needles, but well worth it. i now officially love this method and will be using it as often as i can, along with the matching bind off

that’s all for now. i want to work on these mitts all night and just get them done but DH made plans with friends and i’m expected to participate. i’m pretty sure neglecting friends for a habit is one of the signs of addiction so i might as well make an effort to not think about knitting every waking minute. or maybe just tonight. or maybe i’ll bring the mitts along, just in case, yaknow 🙂


One thought on “spring cleaning

  1. Congratulations on your cleaning up. I know how hard it can be to get to it. I can’t believe how much trash actually fits in between a couch 😮

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