recovering from a transit-free weekend

well, last weekend was the knitter’s frolic, which was amazing– no thanks to the TTC who inconveniently and unwarningly went on strike a mere eight hours before the frolic. i could rant for pages about how angry this makes me, but i’ll hold back. really. i will. the JCCC was packed regardless of the strike, so i can’t even imagine how it would have been if everyone had managed to get there.

i’m off to nyc this weekend so i tried to restrain myself– no more addi’s– although they were 25% off at just about every stand, the american MSRP is about that anyway. my goal was to pick out a small amount of beautiful, local, handspun/handdyed yarn, and i think i managed to do it. for under $80, i might add.

skein#1- sweet sheep superwash merino. 980 yds!! i’ve been wanting to make a variegated clapotis for awhile now but didn’t want to worry about odd colour changes– talk about late to the bandwagon– but i’ve never seen a skein this large before. perfect! did i mention it’s beautiful? brighter than in this photo. i’ll take a new one when i get that new camera.

sweet sheep superwash merino evergreen

skein #2- hand maiden 2 ply silk cashmere. i had never heard of this brand before, but it seemed to be stocked at half the stands so obviously i’m recovering from some strange gorgeous-yarn-blindness, and thank god! i spent a good hour at various stands picking out exactly which colourway and fibre i wanted to start with, and ended up in a sale section holding this. it’s brighter in person as well, and insanely soft. i unravelled it to show the colour variegation but i can’t really manage to do it justice in a low quality photo. i have no idea what this is going to be, but something about it calls out to spirogyra
hand maiden 2 ply silk cashmere

i also have some brooklyn handspun waiting for me in new york. i’ll be writing up a pattern of some sort. i think arm warmers, but that might change since i seem to be in an arm warmer kick right now.

last thing–endpapers are coming along. i had to mod them a bit but wanted to leave them at least looking like endpapers. but so far so good– i really like them and they’re super warm (seriously, i break out in a sweat everytime i try them on)
endpaper mitts wip

on a side note, i think i’m going to be writing here a little less in the future. or at least make an effort to. for some reason it’s easier for me to procrastinate and document progress than actually sit down and knit. and because of that i’ve been posting stuff lately that even i don’t care about– like what i did that day. if my mother doesn’t even care, why would the internet? i’m going to restrain myself from posting again until at least the endpapers are done. i hope.


One thought on “recovering from a transit-free weekend

  1. The yarn you bought looks gorgeous! I’m curious to see what you’ll knit out of those. And the endpapers look great. You are right. I, too, am spending way too many time surfing on the net and blogging than I’m actually knitting or crafting anything else.

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