i don’t believe in luck. but just for the next few minutes i’m going to give it a try.

a few months ago was the first bearded hat fiasco— in which a mailing envelope, although duct taped closed, was actually cut open (not ripped, torn, etc), the contents were stolen, and the envelope was delivered empty. i managed to get the next version hand-delivered (my parents were visiting a few weeks later, and the recipient lives in NY) and stopped using the postal system for the most part. instead of ordering online, i bought nearly everything local, which turned out to be exhausting with the awful prices here (addi’s are around $13 online and in NY, but closer to $20 in downtown toronto plus 15% tax). I also tried ordering online and having it shipped to my parents, meaning pretty much all the yarn i’ve bought in the last four months is still sitting in its box, waiting on my old bedroom floor.

aside from some ridiculous customs fees on DH’s birthday presents and slow postage on our premieres movies, i’ve avoided mail and completely forgot about its frustrations. until now. (ominous/corny *dun dun dunnnnn*)

for my birthday, i asked my father for a new camera. the last one i bought was a fujifilm finepix about… six and a half years ago? (i can’t believe it’s been that long!) which stopped turning on last month, hence the awful camera phone photos with which i have embarrassingly filled this blog. anyway, i asked him for a sony cyber-shot. yesterday i finally asked if it had come, and he said that the box had been cut open, emptied, and resealed before it was delivered to him. sony won’t give him a refund, so now he has to file a freight claim and in the meantime generously ordered another and had it expedited so that it would be there when i fly in this weekend. very nice of him indeed, but is this what mail has come to? ordering two of something and then waiting for someone out in the customer service world to “award” you a refund for something they did?

is this just me? how can other people use postal services if everyone has luck like this? is it luck, or am i on a no-mail list somewhere? (when i asked that to my DH, he responded, “well, you are a gnome”)

ok. i now cease to believe in bad luck, once again, and will continue my search for a ball winder for under $40 in downtown toronto

ps. i know i said i wouldn’t post again until the endpapers were done. well, they are. but i’ll post about them when i get back from NY so i can actually post pretty photos for the first time in a long time

have a good rainy weekend, ya’ll

edited to add: luck or no luck, if my flight out of here tonight gets canceled i swear i will cry. i’ve been living in toronto for a year now and i think i’ve actually managed to fly once… and it was after sleeping at pearson. this time i’m flying out of TCCA and the weather is not promising. but i have been too excited about this trip for a little wind and rain to get in the way!!! i called customer service and they said if there was a weather related delay that the airline would shuttle us to another airport and fly from there… i don’t believe them, but if it’s true, porter will be my new favourite airline. otherwise, it’s gonna be megabus to buffalo where we can catch jetblue from now on. *fingers crossed, tissues ready*


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