home! part 1– agenda

boy do i love new york. i’ve been feeling so crappy in toronto that i figured i was just becoming a melodramatic manic depressive, but everything i remembered about the city (and assumed was nostalgia) is even better than i expected.

i ended my last post on the brink of tears, making statements about how the universe was somehow out to get me and that i was going to be stuck in ontario for the rest of my life. rereading it, i am put back into that mindset, and can only say that i am so glad for porter air. no, the flight was not perfect. a lot went wrong, and at times i was worried about everything from being stuck in toronto to drowning in a turboprop plane. but we DID get off the ground and landed only 4 and a half hours late in newark. my history with airlines could be seven hundred blog posts, but i’ll hold back and just say that it is extraordinarily rare for a plane i’m on to actually take off. this time, i figured if i’m going to end up back at home at the end of the night, i wanted to fly out of the downtown airport (walking distance from my apartment)– and porter just added a route to NY

it wasn’t exactly enticing when the intercom in the airport lounge announced that a plane from ottawa had “missed the runway”, but it was even worse when it came on an hour later stating that the plane from montreal was going to “try to land”. egh. it did, and we got to newark at around 1am saturday morning. we were hungry, scared, cold, and tired, but we were finally home a mere hour later.

DH and i stayed at my parent’s apartment in midtown, and even though i spent the first seventeen years of my life here, it feels strangely unfamiliar.

view from 40th st

tudor park

there’s something both comforting and disconcerting about a place that is constantly evolving, and i’m not sure which feeling comes through more. there is also a static undertone that exists in “old new york”– my breakfast at tal bagel was exactly the same as my breakfasts there ten years ago. delicious. even though my starbucks across the street had closed (and nearly given me a heart attack), i walked about two blocks and found another one, where my latte had exactly the right combination of ingredients. i met up with DH and the in-laws, and we stopped by emack and bolio’s which was delicious as always– even though jarod (the owner) was doing his best to convince mike and i not to move to new hampshire. i couldn’t stay mad while eating a free ice cream cone, so no harm done.

emack and bolio's

for dinner, i just wanted plain old americanized chinese food. not fancy like shun lee, or glorified like lili’s. just some hole in the wall with a menu written in engrish and some sweet, sticky brown sauce. we just wandered into a random place and, of course, it hit the spot. grand sichuan was absolutely the best chinese food i’ve had in at least a year. it’s probably not the best in new york or anything like that, but considering it was just a random walk-in, it was infinitely better than the most highly rated chinese food in toronto. (mike got a bubble tea, and it was actually extremely good, even though their ad campaign baffles me)

bubble tea?

after dinner, i looked down at my totally busted rainboots. i’ve been wearing them for almost two years, and of course the rubber has given out and been replaced by duct tape. i had only ever seen these boots at one store, so we took a quick trip to 8th street and macdougal (don’t know the name of the store but it’s next to underground tattoo) and sure enough they still had the boots! i even got 10% off because the owner was either tickled or embarrassed by the fact that i was still wearing these destroyed boots years later.

frog boots

kitty boots

sunday night was magnificent– it was warm with a light breeze, and so clear that the lights off the city just barely reflected off the clouds, making the black, starless sky look more like a computer background than reality. we walked for miles and sat in quiet tudor park until we couldn’t stay awake any longer.

the flight home monday afternoon was all i could ask for– we took off on time and arrived early. having the customs inspection in the TCCA is incredibly quick and simple. the shuttle bus took us right to the subway which got us home in a matter of ten minutes. i couldn’t have planned a better weekend.

next up– part 2– yarn purchases, FO’s, and toys!


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