one step closer

one of the many strange dreams DH and i share is the hope of one day owning a herd of chinchillas. yes, a herd. chinchillas travel in herds. isnt that cute?

last weekend in portsmouth, we finally got to eat at the friendly toast, where we were thrilled to see an old “chinchilla ranch” sign hanging above the kitchen. i think the server thought we were joking when we tried to buy it off him, but it’s their loss. on our way back home we stopped at michaels for a wooden plaque and precut letters, and a day later we have this:

chinchilla ranch sign

all it took was a little paint, some hot glue, and a lot of mod podge. and those little hooks for the back so it hangs like a picture. now when we actually have a chinchilla ranch, we’ll have the sign to post on our front door.


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