creature on my head

have you ever been walking down the street in mid-winter and thought, “it’s so f’in cold i just wish a bleeding bear would strangle me while gnawing on my skull”? lucky for me, my new hat can do so on the dreary walk to the subway. and really confuse the hell out of some suits at union station.

i’ve been a big fan of andrew bell’s creatures in my head for a few years now. if you don’t know it, subscribe to the rss feed and i swear you’ll be hooked within the month. last week i was scrolling through the archives and, slightly insane knitter that i am, began seeing some of his creatures as hats. genius. the first one i wanted to tackle was “Busy Bear” from this past february. i sketched it out and knew i actually had to knit it when i showed it to DH and he nearly peed.

less than a week later, i’m squirming in anticipation of revealing this little guy to the world.

the inspiration:

the hat:

busy bear creatures in my head knit hat

busy bear creatures in my head knit hat

busy bear creatures in my head knit hat

his paws will have bits of white velcro as soon as i buy some (that involves getting out of my pajamas, doesn’t it?). the body hangs down to about my lower shoulders and is stuffed with a bit of polyfill. i was going to stitch the whole body shut but then i realized… he has a little secret pocket! just what every dying bear needs

the eyes are backstitched and chain stitched, and the nose was knit seperately and seamed on. the little tooth is crocheted.

it’s all in caron simply soft, by the way– on size 6 needles.

isn’t his butt cute??


7 thoughts on “creature on my head

  1. Someone pointed this out to me, it came out great! What a neat translation, my neck is always cold in winter, this seems the perfect remedy! Mind if I post some of the pictures on my own blog? Cheers,


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