bliatus (that was supposed to be blogging+hiatus)

just a heads up– for the next few weeks i’ll be writing here pretty infrequently if at all. this weekend is my birthday and father’s day and DH and i are surprising my parents by showing up at their house in the poconos and interrupting their relaxing weekend. pretty much as soon as we get back we’re megabussing it down to buffalo and flying to south carolina for a week at the beach with his parents. don’t forget about me, though! here are some future articles to keep ya’ll interested:

-how to sew a circle skirt that doesn’t expose you as soon as there’s a bit of wind

-how to use a provisional cast on and grafted bind off to double knit seamlessly

-a list of the best places to eat, shop, and chill in toronto (in honour of our departure in august)

-how to pack anything (15 moves in 4 years leaves me with some tips i think others might find helpful)

other things too! the clapotis is about half done, min cardi is up to the last half of the second sleeve, and i think my next project is a few nice warm pairs of socks

see you in july!


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