beach week 2k8

aside from the initial adventure (see last post), beach week 2k8 was a huge success. mike and i spent a week in oak island, NC with his extended family. a little awkward, but my handmade wardrobe seemed to be a success (i regularly received comments but was never asked “did you make that”– a good sign, i think) and we both enjoyed our relaxing week out in the sun.

that was the view from our roof, with our umbrella directly ahead. pretty, eh?

the clapotis is about 5 ft long now, unstretched– definitely wearable, but i think i’m going to keep going til i run out of yarn. i have a lot left so it’ll probably have to wrap around my neck twice, but that’s ok. i’m loving it so far and can’t wait for the fall to actually wear it.

last week, Diana commented, “how do you knit on the beach without sand getting in EVERYTHING?”… well the answer is, i don’t really. any sand will probably shake out as you work, or drown out while it’s soaked/blocked… at least that’s what i’m pulling for.

one of the best things about being back in america was the shopping. not that there’s anything other than surf shops and bbq restaurants on oak island, but we spent one day in southport, the nearest town, and one in wilmington, about an hour away. in southport, we stumbled upon a really amazing store called angelwing needle arts. normally the term “needle arts” is pretty pretentious, but in this case i can’t think of any other way to describe it. the owner said she likes to swing between crafts (sound familiar?) so the store contains everything from beautiful yarn to designer fabric to handmade buttons to rug hooking and cross stitch supplies… plus a huge book and magazine section, including old patterns and mags for $1. mm heaven.

the malabrigo worsted was only $10/hank– and so pretty! how could i resist? this photo doesn’t really do them justice– the light one (water green 83) is much greener and the dark one is blacker (VAA 51). i don’t know what i want to do with these, but they definitely go together. and i can’t stop rubbing my face in them so maybe some sort of neckwarmer or hat.

i thought i was really getting used to life in the south (i’ve lived there before so it shouldn’t be too big of an adjustment) but then i saw this and couldn’t stop cracking up

…maybe i’m not really a southerner after all.


2 thoughts on “beach week 2k8

  1. P.S. I’m almost ready to release a new two-color cowl pattern that uses Malabrigo… just a thought if you’re still thinking about what to do with your two skeins šŸ™‚

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