summer is not the season for knitting. even though my apartment is perfectly air conditioned, no part of the beautiful weather outside my window makes me want to pick up some worsted weight wool and design a hat. or scarf. or whatever. my solution a few weeks ago was to sew sundresses and circle skirts, which worked out until my machine totally crapped out on me. i haven’t found a good place for repairs here, nor do i know who to ask– so if you have any suggestions let me know. in the meantime, i’ve spent the past two days picking up stencilling yet again.

i had a technique floating around in my head for a few years now and i finally decided to try it. i’m willing to write up a quick tutorial if there’s any demand. i did three practice-ish shirts (the designs wrap around from front to back) and then one more complicated bullet hole one that i’m totally in love with (the design is on the back of the shirt on that one):

hole punch stencil t-shirts

bullet hole t-shirt hole punch stencil

this is the stencil for all four shirts above– made with a heart shaped hole punch from dollarama, on faux-laminated card stock paper.

paper cutout stencil

i also made matching shirts for DH and i… someone linked to this stencil portrait of ron paul on craftster, and i added his campaign “r(evol)ution” text below it. i’m absolutely amazed at how well they turned out, especially considering before these shirts i hadn’t stencilled in years.

ron paul campaign t-shirt stencils

in other crafty news, i’m working on a new style of double knit earflap hat with the giftable designs bow logo using those two skeins of malabrigo from the last post. so far it’s beyond adorable (imho) and i can’t wait to finish it.

that’s all for now. more crafty summer fun later, including maybe a stencil tutorial


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