ron paul shirts

after i posted the ron paul shirt on craftster, it seemed that there was some interest in production of them. so, if you’re interested in one, just send me an email (giftable@gmail [dot] com) with your t-shirt size and mailing address. the price for each shirt is $20 plus $2 shipping (through paypal). i can only make them through aug 1 because of the impending move.

ron paul campaign t-shirt

edit: i also listed the shirts on my etsy for those of you wary of non-mediated online sales


3 thoughts on “ron paul shirts

  1. Herding Cats: The Libertarian Movement « Forward Vision by Mike Vine

  2. so, i’m not too into politics or anything (being a teenager i feel like at this point in my life i’ve got better things to worry about… it’s not like i can vote yet, lol), but i think that is SO cool the way revolution has the “evol” flipped around to spell love. 😀

  3. ^^^ or, kind of flipped around. i just now realized that it’s not spelled differently, my brain just reads it that way… O_O heh i didnt get too much sleep last night. hmm. i should go knit… 😛

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