stenciling rampage

i’m running out of solid coloured t-shirts. here’s what i’ve been up to the past two days.

first i tried a black ron paul shirt… i don’t think his face comes across as well but it’s still wearable

ron paul campaign t-shirt stencils

and a south park-inspired one. for some reason my camera hates the colour red and refuses to take accurate photos, but it has terrence and philip’s facial features and “i’m not your friend, guy” in the south park font.

i'm not your friend, guy

finally, i started working on two ok soda-themed shirts. since they never made merchandise, it was sort of hard to convert the few logos i could find from old cans and try to make something of it. i did two so far but now DH wants some too… there will be many more of these to come

the first one: (front)

ok soda shirt


ok soda shirt


ok soda shirt

second shirt:

ok soda shirt

the second shirt is still drying but when it’s done i’m going to add the “ok” logo reversed on the same spot on the back of the shirt. it’s sort of supposed to be the reverse of this can

sigh. now it’s 1am and i have a lot of paint to clean up. opinions would be great!

2 thoughts on “stenciling rampage

  1. everything is going to be OK « giftable designs

  2. Hi,

    Like you I’m a rabid fan of the work of Charles Burns and Daniel Clowes and their contributions to the radical OK Soda campaign.

    I was wondering if you made shirts for the consumption of fans like me and you and others alike. I really enjoy the second design of this post that you made. Have you seen the OK Soda machine picture? A shirt like that would be really amazing. If not, email me and I’ll send it to you.
    Anyway, I’d buy a men’s shirt if you were willing to make it. I’ll keep my left and right hand fingers crossed that you might consider the thought. Do you use PayPal?

    Email me if you want to talk about it more.


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