i can’t stop myself

what have i been doing in the final days before my big move? packing? no. knitting? not so much. i’ve been yelping, and i can’t make it stop. it began innocently enough, i was just checking up on some of my favourite old places– to see if they have gone downhill or closed down, or if anything else has opened in the ‘hood that i need to check out. then i started rating things. eating in new york is a really personal thing– a health department closure can feel like a breakup. a landlord raising rent can grow horns. when my husband first heard that dtut, his coffee shop/lounge had been closed and replaced with a wine bar, he was depressed for weeks. when i first heard that the 2nd avenue deli would be replaced by a bank, i almost switched banks.

what happens when a native new yorker is passionate and nostalgic?

she becomes the #3 most prolific yelper of the month. over 100 reviews in 30 days. there are still about 50 boxes to be packed, including the WIP that should have been finished by now. i have ten more days

watch what happens, shall we?

ps. i don’t want to give away my WIP, but i’ll just say that it’s dinosaurrific. cryptic, eh?

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