oh my god! how could you?

dean and creature

everyone, meet dean nomerus dinonurhead tynomosaurus hug the wraptor piggy back buddy II. dean nomerus for short. he was born just a week ago but has already found a love interest in his roommate. i’m not sure which one is the girl but i suppose it’s fine by me.

how could i say no to that face?

dean nomerus

he’s all caron simply soft, size 6 needles. his teeth and spikes are double knit. i wrote up a pattern as i was making him but i think it’s too complicated to actually release. he is freaking adorable though (if i do say so myself)

dean nomerus


One thought on “oh my god! how could you?

  1. Hey, complicated is fine…it just means the knitter has to think a little bit! And thinking is half the battle, or something. Okay, really I just want to knit this for my nephew and I’m puzzling over the back. Turned hem…continued body? A few hints would not go amiss, let’s say.

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