settling in…

lots of good things are going on in the Vine house. of course there’s the fact that mike and i are finally back in nyc… with furniture… mostly unpacked– something i haven’t been able to say in about five years (and it wasn’t easy, either). also, mike has a new website and he’s just been published on lew rockwell!

me? well, i’ve been knitting, of course. i just finished a mitten (yes, one mitten) for string and i should have the pattern done by next week. it’ll be available online and in the store for free with purchase of the yarn. did i mention it’s in koigu cashmere? mmmmm. i’d love to hear some opinions… i know it’s not so easy to see in that photo but… yeah.

i also have another store project– the i ❤ new york double knit earflap hat– but in classica 100% italian cashmere. i changed the gauge and the chart and it’s almost done. this photo was from a few days ago– i’ve finished the hat and just need to make some quick i-cords and pompoms and sew them on.

hemlock ring

i’m not all about string, though. i finished jared flood’s hemlock ring blanket about a month ago and haven’t gotten a chance to block it yet. where do you block a 5 ft wide lace blanket?? hrmph. i’m waiting until next month when mike and i will be dogsitting at my parents house and i’ll use their nice carpeted floor. here’s what it looked like when i soaked it and stretched it out on my floor over some cardboard and foam squares.

so… yeah. lots of fun things going on. i’ll have more knitting-related stuff… patterns, tutorials, and yarn pr0n.

what pr0n, you ask? for your viewing pleasure… matching artyarns beaded cashmere with sequins and artyarns silk pearl



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