FO: malo hat

Pattern: none
Yarn: caron simply soft in white and black
Needles: US Size 7
Started: Oct 5, 2008
Finished: Oct 6, 2008

one of the great perks of working at a yarn store thus far has been the inspiration of bouncing ideas and stitch patterns off like-minded coworkers. last week, linda, the owner of the store, came in with an ad from a fashion magazine featuring an absolutely gorgeous sweater from malo. lidia, the genius patternist that she is, came in two days later with a completed cardigan using the stitch pattern but her own tailored style and a back pleat. linda and i ended up with a scarf and hat, respectively. and while linda’s scarf is now our project of the week, my hat is staying my personal pattern for the time being. i might write it up eventually but i wasn’t trying to make it for the store– knitting in simply soft kind of automatically disqualified that possibility.

it’s nice and warm and cozy and has a knit-in hem. i’m still only about 90% on the pompom but i think it’s staying.

comments/criticism welcome as always…..


One thought on “FO: malo hat

  1. What a fun and funky hat! I would certainly be interested in a pattern, or at least instructions on the stitch. I’m no genius patternist (yet?) so I might be able to figure it out, but you know… ^_^

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