a shirt a day: week 1

so just to add to my recent printmaking obsession, i’ve suddenly gotten back into silk screening. this happened to coincide with a recent acquisition of about 200 blank american apparel shirts. convenient, huh? so i decided to challenge myself to do one shirt a day each weekday until i can no longer use the silkscreening studio at school. not sure when that will happen, but for now…..

here are last week’s shirts:

1. this is the first shirt i printed in about 6 years. turns out summer camp silk screening experience didn’t help me much– the design isn’t saturated on most of the shirts (i only did one pass each and it took awhile to realize if i didn’t lift my screen i could do 3 or 4 to get more true colors). either way, i don’t mind them. lysander spooner is appropriate for a shirt with a vintage vibe.

2. gadsden flag. i shot this screen with the intention of making stickers, but ended up throwing in a shirt just for fun. it ended up being one of my favorite shirts, and i’ve enjoyed plastering the stickers and handing them out as well. the background of the stickers is an iridescent yellow– i thought gold would be too tacky and yellow would be too flat so i mixed them

3. based off the ever-popular youtube video, peter schiff was right. he continues to be right to this day, and these shirts have been a pretty decent conversation-starter (conversation, lecture, what’s the difference 😉 ?)

4. on that note, i remade some ron paul revolution shirts. the stencilled ones from last year are beginning to look a bit dingy. so even though paul seems to have kind of faded after the election, i’m trying to keep the spirit.

5. finally, i ended the week on a much more intense note, printing-wise. this one started off as a print on paper and eventually evolved into a shirt and then some stickers. it’s oblio and arrow from the point! by harry nilsson. reference photo is from the cover of the DVD. the print is a 9-color edition of 5. and if you know anything about registration, getting that many colors to properly match up on something stretchy like a t-shirt is something only a nutso like me would do. it took the whole day, but hey, i got 4 amazing shirts out of it and i’m really proud (the shirts and stickers are only 7 colors because i left out the background and one of the black layers).

that’s it for this week! thanks for looking, let me know what you think! (with all these extra shirts, i’m always willing to print more for sale. giftable [at] gmail [dot] com for more info!)

quick knitting update– a pair of mittens are almost finished. a sweater is in the works and up to the sleeves. another is about to be frogged entirely. and i’m on the hunt for the perfect yarn for a littleton. lots of pictures and knitterly things to come!


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