i wrote my first book! well, kinda

this semester, i’m taking a book binding class. so the omniscient art school question of “what is art?” is slightly augmented to “what is a book?” in this case, a book is an altoid tin. this is my second project for the class. i’ve bound quite a few books before, but nothing like this. i began with my “creature on my head” hat from last winter. i wrote out a (very quick) pattern, made a woodblock that was patterned to look like the front side stockinette stitch, hand-set a title page on the letterpress, and asked a friend to sketch me a cover. put this all together, and here’s what you get:

front cover:
front cover

back cover:
back cover

vellum sleeve:
vellum sleeve

first page:
first page

you get the idea. inside is a bunch of teeny tiny text.

i’m surprisingly pleased with the way this worked out. i wanted it to look the way you’d expect when you open up an altoid tin, so i stitched in that trifold vellum sheet. it also helps because when you pull up the edges it allows the whole book to kind of pop out of the tin so you can fully turn all the pages without bending them. i patterned the vellum by running it through an etching press on the woodblock, and then once it dried i put it through the letterpress with the title. the book was made in InDesign and pamphlet stitched with acrylic yarn and tied in a bow.

i think its cute! i’m thinking maybe if i clean up the pattern a bit (or find some test knitters) i can sell hard copies of the pattern like this instead of generic PDF’s. thoughts?


2 thoughts on “i wrote my first book! well, kinda

  1. very cute idea! It looks really nice – congratulations on your first book.

    There is a test knitter group on ravelry that would probably be happy to try out your pattern. i think it would make a nice gift (and definitely different from thel .pdf copies)

    • thanks!

      i’m actually a member of that group and used it for a few patterns in the past– thanks for reminding me! i’m not sure what the demand would be for such a strange headpiece but i guess i might as well try…..

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