look, ma! no hands…

meet my new child, a canon rebel t1i dslr. she looks so very happy climbing up my lamp with her gorillapod legs…

expect some better photos to come. not that i’m a pro or anything, but at least now i have more motivation and no excuses.

i’m planning a 3 day vacation to new hampshire for later this month so we’ll see what this crazy tripod can really do– have i mentioned how ridiculously awesome it is? i dont think i’d recommend using this configuration to photograph outside, but the fact it can even stay up like this is beyond me. don’t you just want to hug it?? no, just me? ok.

i haven’t had much time to play with it yet, but here’s a couple of knitting shots i have managed to get so far:

swallowtail shawl

minimalist cardigan

lyttelton shrug
(this would have been a beautiful shot if i wasn’t wearing the thing inside out)

i’m in the process of setting up a photo (/dye) studio in my apartment and i’m really excited to get some practice using her (she needs a name … hmm). i’ll be back soon with more. stay tuned!

ps. i woke up this morning with the mini wheats jingle stuck in my head. i never could decide if this song was infuriating or the best thing ever. regardless, i had two bowls of maple and brown sugar mini wheats for breakfast.


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