it’s not knitting but…

i’ve been making a bunch of jewelry in the last 2 weeks. thought i should show it off! above is a sterling silver bow with a tube set CZ and handmade clasp. i cut out an extra, too– i was thinking bracelet. so far i think it’s my favorite piece of jewelry i’ve ever made.

riveted sad panda bookmark– alone and in use. made this one for M but i think he’ll just be decoration for now. i love his sad peeking eyes

hand-forged nickel silver buttons in 2 diameters. hopefully to accent something knit– i just don’t know what yet

a simple handmade hammered nickel silver bracelet with matching earrings

bezel-set pendant made from hand-forged nail salvaged from an apartment renovation i did a few years ago. judging by the age of the building, the nail is over 100 years old. bezel, chain, and clasp are sterling.

earrings made from bullet casings. i also made a matching necklace with a larger casing from an AK47 but don’t have a photo yet. i made them before i saw these amazing unearthen casing necklaces– now i’m thinking i need to find some crystals to complete the pendant.

that’s all for now– happy long weekend! cheers…


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