new versions of patterns

i probably should have mentioned this in the post below, but it’s 3am so cut me some slack

i re-worked some of my old patterns a few weeks ago– the bearded toque and the double knit earflap hats. i wasn’t particularly getting any complaints about them but the layout was bugging me, along with a few clarity issues and uncorrected errata. so if you downloaded the bearded toque pattern before 1/21/10, i suggest you re-download it (here). if you purchased any of the earflap hat patterns, send me an email (giftable [at] gmail [dot] com) and i’ll gladly send you the new copy.

also, my website ( has been down for ages. the company i use to host it is going through some major hardware issues and i keep telling myself i’ll give them one more week before i move my domain somewhere else. so if you’re finding this blog by searching for my portfolio site, sorry. hopefully they’ll get their act together soonish.

that’s all for tonight. happy knitting, everyone!


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