little birds… but not the ysolda pattern

Going to the Renegade Craft Fair yesterday made me think a lot about my own work. I haven’t been knitting a lot recently, so I haven’t been posting here much. But I have been working– I just got up the motivation to take some pictures of my latest project!

I found a set of adorable glass owl drinking glasses at an antiques shop in Pennsylvania, made a plaster mold, and started casting it in earthenware slip. I’ve made 9 or 10 so far, and I think I might start putting some up in my Etsy shop. I’m in love! And I can’t wait to find more things to make molds of!

ps. Yes, I am still working on Ysolda’s Little Birds sweater. It’s slow going… the sleeves are about halfway done. Will post photos soon!


2 thoughts on “little birds… but not the ysolda pattern

  1. Oops, didn’t see your comment until just now. Sorry about that, and thanks for the compliment! If you’re looking to complete the set, I have 6 glass ones I could sell you if you’re interested.

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