The renovation is underway!

It took 4 months to navigate through the bureaucracy of our New York co-op board, but we finally got all our approvals last week and the crew has already nearly completed the demolition.

In just a few short days, we’ve gone from this:

to this:

Sorry for the terrible photos, the crew really didn’t seem to want me there.

I think it looks better already– the rooms are bigger and, after a skim coat on the walls, I can finally imagine us moving in the not-too-distant future.

I’ve also started playing around with paint swatches. So far, nothing I love, but I feel like I’m getting closer.

We want the living room a nice deep teal, but the color on the left (Behr Realm) is far too dark and the color on the right (Behr Tuscon) is too bright.

Attempt #2 for the living room. I think the color on the right (Behr Mosaic Tile) may be a winner!

Similar problem in the bedroom. We want a New England/beachy feeling dusty blue. It’s a very particular and obscure color, I wish I knew what to call it. Regardless, the swatch on the left (Behr Bayside) is too dark and too blue, while the swatch on the right (Behr Agave) is too green and too gray. If we mixed the two, we would have the perfect color. (It’s an option.)

Attempt #2 for the bedroom…. still a teensy bit too blue but might be a winner anyway.

More inspiration to come. For now, I’m trying to shake off the very real notion that I just spent $240 on doorknobs.


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