With the main part of the renovation mere weeks from completion, I thought I should post a little overview of the changes we’re making and our final color scheme. Yay!

Here is the original floorplan:

And here is what we’re doing:

Major changes include:

• Gutting the disgusting, tiny, ancient kitchen, knocking down a wall, and putting in stainless appliances, Ikea cabinets, granite counters.

• Converting the oddly placed coat closet into a pantry (my first pantry ever! yay!).

• Gutting the dingy bathroom and replacing the tub with a marble spa shower.

• Tearing down the existing hanging rods in the bedroom closets and redesigning with Elfa.

• Replacing the windows in living room and bedroom.

We also made lots of more minor changes like switching out all the doors except those in the bedroom closets, replacing the super heavy wood sliding doors in the dressing room with mirrored bi-folds, and refinishing the floors. We’re also reversing the door to the bathroom which involves taking out the whole metal door frame and cutting through four inches of concrete.

We’re crossing our fingers that the major stuff will be done by early next week, but we’re facing delays on replacing the window air conditioners with through-the-wall a/c’s which means we might not be move-in ready for a few more weeks. Either way, it’s starting to look like a real apartment! I can’t wait to share final photos and all the DIY projects that will follow.



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