Moving On Up!

To my surprise and delight, I’ve been getting quite a few emails from readers asking how the project is going. I didn’t know anyone had actually found me here! Well, hi!

I know I’ve been terrible at posting updates, but M and I have had the most chaotic two months of our lives. We were about to give up on the apartment (for the meantime, at least) because we were scheduled to leave on vacation at the end of May. Then, three days before we left, we realize the apartment is just barely in move-in condition! Not finished, by any means, but with running water, mostly finished floors, and a functioning kitchen. We stayed up and packed for two straight days, rented a moving truck (I believe it was 12:30am– gotta love NYC!) and started hauling. We finished moving in at 6pm that day, running on almost no food or sleep for 40+ hours. We spent the remainder of our time in New York (which amounted to two days, after we pushed back the vacation a bit) purchasing things like towels, trashcans, and drapes, and then we were off!

The photo above is our only documentation of the experience: a cell phone shot of our living room after the dust settled. Believe it or not, we haven’t been home since this ordeal happened. We’re currently travelling with spotty access to internet, which explains why I’ve been MIA and completely abandoned this blog. I do have “finished” photos, although there’s still a ton of unpacking to be done. I’m preparing to post those in a bit.

For now, though, I promise I’m alive and there’s plenty of renovation and design talk still to happen. Have a happy holiday, everyone! Cheers!


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