Stuck at 90%

So, in our rush to leave the city for our “vacation”, we had to cut the renovation short. (And by short I mean we had already run over the estimate by a month.) I took a bunch of “almost finished” photos in the six hour period between the construction crew’s clean-up and our move-in. No one room is actually finished, but they’re the only pictures I will have of the empty space so they’ll have to do.

If you’ve already forgotten where we started, see my last post here.

Here’s what it looked like for those few quiet hours:

[living room. refinished floors, paint and serious sanding on walls, new air conditioning units, new windows.]

[kitchen and pantry. (my first pantry ever! and it’s not actually painted highlighter yellow it’s just a crazy CFL bulb.) everything is new, including the recessed lights and lack of a wall.]

[dressing room. painted black. I promise to get a better picture when I have more time.]

[bedroom. still needs carpet. new air conditioner, sanding and paint job, new windows.]

[outlets. converted to three-prong and with decorative brushed silver plate covers. i know we have some major cleaning to do :).]

I’m posting this while two men try to figure out how to work the gorgeous backsplash tiles I bought. So hopefully the next post will be a totally finished kitchen! I’m also planning on detailing what happened in each room, what I love, and what I wish I did differently.

Til then, cheers!


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