2 Months Later……

Happy New Year, everyone! From the worst blogger in the world. Here’s what’s happened in the 2 months since my last post (oof):

♥ I typed up a post about refinishing the dresser and nightstand and wordpress DELETED it. For serious. I was all psyched to post it and then the next morning it wasn’t there… I’ve been too frustrated to re-write, until a second ago when I finally did. So technically it’s been like 30 seconds since my last post. I am a great blogger! Not really though.

♥ I spent a week putting my office together, and it looks awesome, if I do say so myself. Post on that later. Stop laughing, I will finish this series of posts if it kills me!

♥ I did NOT buy any furniture for the living room… it actually looks worse than ever (it is now a graveyard of furniture’s past). If we finish working on it before we sell the apartment, I will be surprised. Coffee tables are just SO $$$! I was psyched on this coffee table from Pottery Barn but when I went to see it in person all I could think was how much ramen I would have to eat to make up for spending $700 on a TABLE. I’d rather eat a huge plate of sushi on a folding card table than eat stolen saltines on a fancy glass coffee table. We also still haven’t hooked up the tv (long story) so we don’t spend very much time in that area anyway. This is what happens when you live in 200-400 sqft apartments your whole life and then suddenly you move into a 750 sqft mansion…

And in non-apartment news:

♥ I started doing event and graphic design… like, in a legit way. Working on some weddings and finishing some ads for real companies that will be in real printed materials. It’s all freelance, so if you want to talk, you know where to find me 🙂

♥ I also made a Facebook page for giftable designs… I’ve been trying to avoid all this self-promotion stuff but people were actually asking where they could buy my jewelry and stuff (!!), so now if something’s for sale it will be on there. I made a ton of new bullet necklaces so… have at it! I’m going to start getting stones custom-cut for bullet sizes that aren’t currently available (namely 9mm) so that will be cool. Here’s one I just sold, modeled by my ceramic gun vase (that’s double-self-promotion, kiddos!)

That was the most paragraphs I’ve ever started with the word “I” in my entire life. Back to normal blogging starting…now!


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