Big News…

Exactly one year ago, I was TAing printmaking classes for free just so I could use the studio to print my own wedding invitations. I poured my heart into those invites– pushing myself to design each piece, from save-the-date to thank you card, and print 125 of each by hand. Each color required it’s own screen, equaling right around 2400 passes of the squeegee. Each invite was cut to size, corners rounded, fit into a trifold, tied with twine, sealed with a wax stamp, and sent out with an array of vintage stamps.

And that was just the invites! The whole wedding, along with the apartment renovation, took up 100% of my time for almost an entire year. Both projects were completed at the same time (Late May/Early June), which is why it took me so long to post the renovation stuff here. And because I tend to keep personal stuff personal, I never mentioned any of this here (you can see some of the process of printing the invites on my wedding blog).

Well, it’s no longer personal because we’re going to be in Martha!

It’s been so hard to keep this a secret from even our closest friends, but everything has been finalized and I even have an advance copy of the magazine here in my apartment. The spread is rather short, but c’mon! It’s Martha effin’ Stewart!

I hope you’ll check out the issue, on newsstands Feb 27th. Since the renovation (which I’m almost done blogging about, I promise!), I’ve begun doing graphic design and event coordination for weddings and events in New England. It was just such a fun experience and I met so many great people… I love that I have the ability to give other brides the same magical feeling that I had on my wedding day. And after nearly 9 years with my better half, I like to think that I can impart some good relationship energy on others.


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