we’re splitting up

It’s been over a year since my last post, but not without good reason! I liveblogged our 6-month road trip over at pilgrimages and traverses, where I’ll continue editing our favorite photos and posting them individually.


When we got home, we immediately put our event planner hats back on. As if planning weddings wasn’t enough, we got involved with the good folks over at the Free State Project and spearheaded the planning of their 10th annual Porcupine Freedom Festival. I’ll tell you, planning a week-long festival for ~1700 people in the woods of New Hampshire is not as easy as it sounds.


So that still doesn’t excuse the last 3 or so months, but we’ve just been concentrating on putting our businesses back together and recovering from the longest year of all time. We’ve also been putting finishing touches on our NYC apartment and house hunting in New Hampshire, but I finally decided that dumping all that information here would end up being a disaster in the long run. So I’ve started giftable@home, a splinter of this blog, where I’ll begin moving all home renovation, restoration, decoration, inspiration… you get the idea. Please follow me over there if you’re interested in keeping up with it.


From now on, this blog will be solely for crafts– knitting (including techniques and new patterns), sewing, jewelry making, and whatever else I end up dipping my toe in.

Hopefully this split will make everyone’s lives easier and be less distracting for anyone who is still following my ridiculous journey. Hope everyone else had an amazing year, looking forward to finally posting here again!

❤ v

2 Months Later……

Happy New Year, everyone! From the worst blogger in the world. Here’s what’s happened in the 2 months since my last post (oof):

♥ I typed up a post about refinishing the dresser and nightstand and wordpress DELETED it. For serious. I was all psyched to post it and then the next morning it wasn’t there… I’ve been too frustrated to re-write, until a second ago when I finally did. So technically it’s been like 30 seconds since my last post. I am a great blogger! Not really though.

♥ I spent a week putting my office together, and it looks awesome, if I do say so myself. Post on that later. Stop laughing, I will finish this series of posts if it kills me!

♥ I did NOT buy any furniture for the living room… it actually looks worse than ever (it is now a graveyard of furniture’s past). If we finish working on it before we sell the apartment, I will be surprised. Coffee tables are just SO $$$! I was psyched on this coffee table from Pottery Barn but when I went to see it in person all I could think was how much ramen I would have to eat to make up for spending $700 on a TABLE. I’d rather eat a huge plate of sushi on a folding card table than eat stolen saltines on a fancy glass coffee table. We also still haven’t hooked up the tv (long story) so we don’t spend very much time in that area anyway. This is what happens when you live in 200-400 sqft apartments your whole life and then suddenly you move into a 750 sqft mansion…

And in non-apartment news:

♥ I started doing event and graphic design… like, in a legit way. Working on some weddings and finishing some ads for real companies that will be in real printed materials. It’s all freelance, so if you want to talk, you know where to find me 🙂

♥ I also made a Facebook page for giftable designs… I’ve been trying to avoid all this self-promotion stuff but people were actually asking where they could buy my jewelry and stuff (!!), so now if something’s for sale it will be on there. I made a ton of new bullet necklaces so… have at it! I’m going to start getting stones custom-cut for bullet sizes that aren’t currently available (namely 9mm) so that will be cool. Here’s one I just sold, modeled by my ceramic gun vase (that’s double-self-promotion, kiddos!)

That was the most paragraphs I’ve ever started with the word “I” in my entire life. Back to normal blogging starting…now!

ammo and snacks

looks like i’m not too good at keeping promises of posting lately. but i DID make something (knitting? wait, what was that again?) that i think turned out pretty cool

in case it’s not blatantly clear, i’ve been playing with the idea of bullet jewelry lately. i made a set of earrings and a necklace (sans gemstones) a few months ago and have been wanting to keep going with it. so here’s how it turned out… 22 and 45 caliber bullet shells with onyx (black and frosted), hematite, rock crystal, mother of pearl, rose quartz, and turquoise stones.

if they don’t sell tomorrow night at this event thing, i’ll be putting them up on my etsy. let me know if you are interested!

this is the next step, a 51mm shell from an israeli standard issue rifle, with a rock crystal asymmetric drop stone. when done, the pendant will hang horizontally like this instead of vertically like the others. i’m REALLY excited about this one. the guy at the gem store officially thought i was insane when i picked this stone.

speaking of which, i wanted to give a shout to my favorite gem store in the world, dikra. they don’t have a storefront and the 10th floor cramped office location has the potential to be realllly creepy, but everyone there is always beyond nice and so helpful. and it doesn’t break the bank either. plus, it’s less than a block from metalliferous. you can’t go wrong!

and lastly, i made these tonight. lucky charms rice krispy treats. basically, just follow the recipe on the box but sprinkle in lucky charms marshmallows right before pouring into the final dish. here’s a progress shot and a finished one– although mike did manage to sneak away with one of the smaller trays before i could even snap a picture

as far as proportions go, i made two full batches (1.5 boxes of rice krispies, 2 bags of marshmallows) and used every last marshmallow in the box of lucky charms. i’m going to be having really disappointing breakfasts starting tomorrow, but i think my dessert will make up for it 🙂

that’s all for now. have a good weekend, cheers!

new versions of patterns

i probably should have mentioned this in the post below, but it’s 3am so cut me some slack

i re-worked some of my old patterns a few weeks ago– the bearded toque and the double knit earflap hats. i wasn’t particularly getting any complaints about them but the layout was bugging me, along with a few clarity issues and uncorrected errata. so if you downloaded the bearded toque pattern before 1/21/10, i suggest you re-download it (here). if you purchased any of the earflap hat patterns, send me an email (giftable [at] gmail [dot] com) and i’ll gladly send you the new copy.

also, my website (giftable-designs.com) has been down for ages. the company i use to host it is going through some major hardware issues and i keep telling myself i’ll give them one more week before i move my domain somewhere else. so if you’re finding this blog by searching for my portfolio site, sorry. hopefully they’ll get their act together soonish.

that’s all for tonight. happy knitting, everyone!

ghetto urban s’mores

wintertime is here in full, but not all wintertime joy can be had in a 400 square foot apartment. M and i have been doing our best to ignore this situation by finishing our nights with stovetop s’mores. if you have a gas range, give it a try! it feels pretty festive once you get past the weirdness. i just googled it and, unbeknown to us, this is actually a real thing.

if you do try this at home, try giving the s’more 10 seconds in the microwave after completion for added meltyness.

for under 200 calories, i can’t think of a more nostalgic, decadent dessert. cheers!

highlights from the last 2 months

it’s been a long time. here’s what i’ve been up to recently

we took a trip to new hampshire and saw some pretty things (North Church and a house on South Mill Pond in Portsmouth, NH)

and some beautiful things (The Fiber Studio in Henniker, NH and Yummie’s Candy in Kittery, ME)

we spent christmas in Virginia and stayed a night in Amish Country, PA on the way back (post office parking lot in Quarryville, PA and downtown Lancaster, PA as seen from the roof of a parking structure)

and i knit… quite a bit (potato head hat, birds headband– an xmas present for MIL, ribbed skyline hat, and tacky xmas sweater. all links are to ravelry for more info)

more to come, including a tutorial on using kitchener stitch to seamlessly work double knitting

happy new year!

wow, it’s been a busy few weeks, but nothing excuses not posting for this long. i’ve got a lot of stuff to share and so little time! in the new year, expect more fun techniques, more FO’s, and more randomness.

to start you off, i spent my new years eve sewing an octopus print skirt

the fabric is from Peggy Anne’s in Concord, NH. here’s a closeup… isn’t it adorable??

if you’re still reading this blog, cheers! happy new year!